Friday, April 1, 2011

iran contra

Oliver North was in the military served in Nam, marines under his command were charged with mass killings of civilians in vietnam. Then he got a promotion and served in japan. Then he served in VA for 4 yrs and got promoted. 2 yrs at camp legume, he became religious. Then he went to the naval war academy. Then he was in the NSC from 81 to 86. Got promotion. His job was to find those responsible for the 1983 Beirut bombings. Planned invasion of Granada and Bombing of Libya. During his trial, he was restationed. Boland Amendment forbids selling arms to rebels, which he funded contras. He funneled money thru the “national Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty” to the contras thru Palmer National Bank. where he sold guns to Iran to get hostages from Lebanon. And proceeds funding contra rebels in nicuragua. Met with Pres Noreaga of panama. If US sells arms to Panama, they will take care of the sandanista leadership. “Project Democracy” funds from selling arms to Iran, to pay noreaga to destroy nicuragua’s economy. 86, the sales were made public and raegan fired him, North admitted he lied to congress and said he felt the contras were freedom fighters and thought the scheme was a “neat idea”. Charged with 3 felonies, served 3 yrs, ACLU said he had immunity when he testified and that any info given by him couldn’t be used. Court of appeals reversed his conviction, supreme court won’t review case. charges dismissed in 91. He had to find a way around the Bolin Act in order to transport drugs to fund rebels. Palmer used a plane to smuggle drugs, paid out of an office overseen by north, to ferry supplies to contras. Noriega on trial, pilot says I flew drugs into the us and weapons to contras. Judge refused to allow north to answer if he had any knowledge of this. He also dealed in costa rica and was banned from costa rica. North denies trafficking drugs even though his notebooks are full of proof which have been censored and edited. North shredded documents before the trial. 1994 north ran for senate. Nancy Reagan said he lied to her husband and he lost. He raised 20 million for his campaign, the most ever. Best selling author and war corespondant and syndicated colomnist, radio host, tv show host, guest on hannity and fox news. Appeared as himself on wings and jag, MSNBC, promotes military service,

Without US military support, the 2 sides negotiated. Contra is anti Sandinista. Sandanistas took over the gov. in 06 North came to Nicuragua. He warned against Ortega, and sandanistas return to power. North supports PLC party, US supports anti PLC party. Ortega won.

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