Friday, April 8, 2011


Social, economic and political unrest, high unemployment, and cost of living increases, low wages and increased debt. 1 million people go on strike. Troops sent out angered peasants and The army refused orders..the govt attacked germany and failed. Govt attacked demonstrators. Lenin went underground. Bolsheviks arrested and disarmed. Moscow went on strike. Moscow (komilov) troops moved toward Petrograd. (st. Petersburg) Bolsheviks united with Petrograd to defeat the komolov revolt. The red guard had the capital. Defeat weakened counter revolutionary group. Soviets of Petrograd and moscow joined Bolshevik insurgents. led to an Armed insurrection (October Revolution) in 1917 overthrew Russian provisional govt gave power to soviets, mostly Bolsheviks. Followed by Russian civil war and the creation of soviet union in 1922. Bolshevik red gaurds took over govt buildings,uprising in st. Petersburg, Petrograd, almost bloodless revolt. The new govt was declared. Then opposition parties were arrested. Cheka was created by decree of Lenin. Legalized the seizing and redistributing of Russian land, representing “an alliance of workers and peasants”. Banks nationalized, factories given to soviets, private bank accounts and church assets seized, wages raised, work day shortened, foreign debt absolved. Bolsheviks easily seized more power of Russia, but not nonRussian areas. Ukraine independent from Russia. Estonia independent 1918. oct. revolution socialized Russia. Civil war against Bolsheviks from 1918 to 1922. 1st communist govt that led to USSR. Europe recognized new govt and did business in the 20s. usa recognized govt in the 30s. USSR from 1922 to 1991.

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