Sunday, February 20, 2011

mountain girl

we're very near mount mitchell, it is so nice digging out the stream in the yard and today Vivian and Jamie shot a turkey and Nadia watched them defeather it. Dave came over and played video games and I told him about the crystals in the lay lines, or putting them in the stream. the key is to feel hope and contentment with Allah and to give and receive His love and to give back to Earth and return Her blessings to Her if we want to stay, only those who tune in will survive the shift
the inner shift is not to run away and retreat from accountability and responsibility as I used to and not to escape into another person or a situation beyond my control and I know that is an easy way to hide
but I also know that I came here fighting
and if I am draconian
of the darkside
it is to bring balance
and create a gratitude and hope for the light

Saturday, February 19, 2011

find your tribe

Linda finally came to pick me up and drive to Clairmont. We met Justin and went to a restaurant. It was awesome to be in the company of people I already felt connected to. We agreed the biggest challenge was letting go of fear. The dark side is not a threat to us, it is only a challenge. There is always something in us that we can adjust. This is such amazing power that we have been made to forget it. We have been made to feel isolated and alone, when in reality we are the majority, the sleeping giant. It is merely a matter of stepping up to the plate and working together.
There is a deep dark force in the universe there only for the illusion itself. What we are up against is masses who are hypnotized by this illusion. The reality we are facing can go either way depending upon if we look within and ground ourselves to allow the connections to be good.

Monday, February 14, 2011


The Earth has had its own experience in the solar system and universe without humans. She plays a part and relates to other heavenly bodies with or without our presence. From the time of this Big Bang up to now, energy has been manifested in infinite ways and continues to do so constantly. Our particular awareness of this energy is how the soul manifests in the body. As the Earth moves we move with it, as she grows we grow with it. Only if we grow spiritually and mentally as well will we be given the chance to survive and thrive. Where there is pain there is healing and both are needed for growth. When we all share the same experience as travelers we will achieve a higher consciousness and undersatnding and stronger connection to Allah.

Friday, February 11, 2011


In the heavens and in ourselves are signs of Allah. We are orbiting amongst the stars, and emiting our own light as well. There is an attraction and repulsion, they are leading to the same destination. There is no separation from Love. Distance from the Light gives an illusion of darkness. The pain is the cure. Rememberance brings rest to the heart.
The world is a place for the broken hearted. Some cling to sorrow and forget joy. Others know the sweetness of both. The believer flies through the seven heavens on the wings of hope and fear. In this way he can hold on to everyone as we ascend.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Perceptions are choices we make, realities we accept. It is easy to alter them, intentionally, or passively. I have chosen certain perceptions of myself, and of events and people in my life. These are not realities, nor are they set in stone. The legends I live by have outlived their purpose, I am ready to cast them aside. I came into this world not broken but rather displaying my adaptability. It does not matter how deformed you are, it matters how hard you try despite your deformity. I was not deprived of stability, I was shown the true meaning of home and comfort. I did not lose a father as a child, I was given a key to the unseen world. I know now that there is nothing out in the world or in another's hands that I lack, that my actions would affect. The straitening of Allah in this world is the expansion in the hereafter. There really is no boundary between this life and the hereafter, other than your nafs. Which is merely a perception. It is time for me to own my strengths and my gifts and my beauty and talents. I have hidden in thoughts and emotions because of the anxiety of taking action and responsibility. I see the current time as a grand coming together of the Universe on many levels. The perception that we're separate, against each other, is slipping away.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

unity beyond opposites

Every soul has a certain journey to take while held by a body. The balance between the two teeter totters, and it is to remind us of Allah's Hand. That is the true meaning of Allah's creating us to know Him, yet only Allah can know Allah. There is infinity inside us and the key is the present moment. This is the friction necessary for existence, without which one enters annihilation.
The mind has become so manipulated and maleable and the social structure of our planet has been turned into a pyramid. However, a few days ago, the Jasmine Revolution began in Tunisia, they overthrew their dictator, the fervor spread to Egypt and Mubarak's regime is struggling,. There are similar uprisings in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. There are those who believe this is orchestrated by the CIA or at least being influenced by them. The revolution is wonderful and beautiful, people are standing together and not in fear, and their governments are trembling and crumbling. The world is standing with the Egyptian people, who are of all ages and classes standing together demanding Mubarek step down now.
These events inspire us all to stand up for ourselves and our homes and families. I am the heart of the home and to live off the land and be a light worker is a stronger call now. Less is more, looking within and giving to others as receiving from Allah, to change my perception of what is going on, to be aware of the unseen, do the du'as actually make the scroll change? I am that mountain girl, sufi, hippie, tree hugger, artistic, creative, crunchy mama, because I make my life that way and attract those people and things to my life.
now is the time for unity of thought and action. belief and deed.