Saturday, February 5, 2011


Perceptions are choices we make, realities we accept. It is easy to alter them, intentionally, or passively. I have chosen certain perceptions of myself, and of events and people in my life. These are not realities, nor are they set in stone. The legends I live by have outlived their purpose, I am ready to cast them aside. I came into this world not broken but rather displaying my adaptability. It does not matter how deformed you are, it matters how hard you try despite your deformity. I was not deprived of stability, I was shown the true meaning of home and comfort. I did not lose a father as a child, I was given a key to the unseen world. I know now that there is nothing out in the world or in another's hands that I lack, that my actions would affect. The straitening of Allah in this world is the expansion in the hereafter. There really is no boundary between this life and the hereafter, other than your nafs. Which is merely a perception. It is time for me to own my strengths and my gifts and my beauty and talents. I have hidden in thoughts and emotions because of the anxiety of taking action and responsibility. I see the current time as a grand coming together of the Universe on many levels. The perception that we're separate, against each other, is slipping away.

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