Wednesday, February 2, 2011

unity beyond opposites

Every soul has a certain journey to take while held by a body. The balance between the two teeter totters, and it is to remind us of Allah's Hand. That is the true meaning of Allah's creating us to know Him, yet only Allah can know Allah. There is infinity inside us and the key is the present moment. This is the friction necessary for existence, without which one enters annihilation.
The mind has become so manipulated and maleable and the social structure of our planet has been turned into a pyramid. However, a few days ago, the Jasmine Revolution began in Tunisia, they overthrew their dictator, the fervor spread to Egypt and Mubarak's regime is struggling,. There are similar uprisings in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. There are those who believe this is orchestrated by the CIA or at least being influenced by them. The revolution is wonderful and beautiful, people are standing together and not in fear, and their governments are trembling and crumbling. The world is standing with the Egyptian people, who are of all ages and classes standing together demanding Mubarek step down now.
These events inspire us all to stand up for ourselves and our homes and families. I am the heart of the home and to live off the land and be a light worker is a stronger call now. Less is more, looking within and giving to others as receiving from Allah, to change my perception of what is going on, to be aware of the unseen, do the du'as actually make the scroll change? I am that mountain girl, sufi, hippie, tree hugger, artistic, creative, crunchy mama, because I make my life that way and attract those people and things to my life.
now is the time for unity of thought and action. belief and deed.

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