Sunday, February 26, 2012

back from the dead

John came home 2 weeks ago and we finally got to hang out tonight. While he was in a coma he said he traveled astrally and he saw bodies as light. The car accident that broke his neck changed his life and led to the drug addiction that almost killed him, but he was not ready to die because of his daughter Luna. we all have our time. we can't avoid it or escape it, and we should welcome it and embrace it. and treat it gently.
Brandy wants to learn how to make soap. I told her about Village Herbals. She wants to use gems for reiki. She wants to buy more dresses. I talked to Dawn about yoga and she said go for it. Maybe I can do it in a yurt. having a vision, putting it together, sticking with it and learning and growing from mistakes is what i need to make the most of my gifts. the neural pathways we use grow stronger, the ones we don't use, die. Truly using our brain to full capacity is possible and would change our world. making every choice with open eyes and open hearts makes us wiser. we don't have to learn the hard way but the pain is the cure and with every hardship is ease.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The pain is the cure

Get real. Bring those skeletons out to dance. Daniel is moving next week to Colorado. This was the first long weekend in a while. exchanging energy can be called work or joy. I can make the most of each day now more than ever. overcoming obstacles is a reason to reach higher. I have had meaningful experiences to learn from to grow into making new decisions for this moment. when you say you are shaped a certain way or on a certain path because of your choices that can count for you or against you. we are entering a world we've never seen. It is time to be kinder gentler wiser than I think I can even be.
Today it snowed, not sure if it will stick and cancel school. This winter so far had been really warm here, but really cold in the UK. Nadia loved playing in the lean-to. Throughout the day I felt many different emotions and saw how much a skill it is to control them, to redirect them, to find contentment in cocreation, and how the big picture all comes together from above . I suppose those are the nuts and bolts of emotional inteligence. I often have an urge to be alone, or wish that Nadia didn't talk so much, but I realized this was a great gift, from Allah. It was exactly what I had been seeking. Everything was coming together, and flowing, like a river to the ocean.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

yoga for unity

Yoga is Union. With the multiverse in you. You can do it once, sometimes, or regularly. Remembering, Approaching, Unfolding, Cocreating. I am here on the Earth as a Light Worker. This means I connect with it al because I connect with myself and center. l. Light is a wave and a particle. I observe but I am not just an observer. Sunday Nadia came with me to Yoga for Everyone. Part of the time she followed along and part of the time she just meditated by herself. The class was packed. Any day now I should be accepted into the program. It is from August til May 2013. The second weekend of each month. I have the daily goal of one hour a day for yoga. A goal that I can meet on my own that I know takes commitment to onserve change. the action is the change. Everything else centers around that hour. I got permission to get a license, so I am going to start out just practicing with Marc.
Marcia took Nadia and I to Starbucks and shopping in Asheville. She gave me a yoga mat and Mother Earth News magazine. We may have Mom's party at Tall Trees. What is something out there that's made from your hands, that you've worked on for years? The thoughts and words can't get in the way. The doubt and fear are just a choice and escape. why blame them over and over, when you can choose to fight, with scrapes and scratches, and truly know the way and be free and real and brave as you were made to be and the world is in need of you to be.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Gravity distorts time and space, all play off each other, light converted to massThe earth was created for a certain purpose before man existed. It is coveted for minerals. and for the unique variety of life and lands. many races of light beings have called this place home. starseeds are fully aware they are made of light. They have made such a distant vast journey and hold on to life in such a fragile way because of the energy of the light in us and love for self is key and grows infinitely and reflects infinitely in others which are candles of one flame. we are in this together if one is enslaved we're all enslaved.
MJ12 Majestic clearance, we come from plaeides to raise your frequency. the 6th sense or more. Isra wa miraj, muhasaba. dense plane telepathy creative power is restrained by the physical form. Some visit, some stay, some observe.
life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why did we fight so hard for our own independence and freedom from the Brits who later thru british mandate drew arbitrary lines that we willingly took on to defend, The only benefit is to keep the MIC in place at our own expense divide and conquer us and them our enslavement and suppression.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Earths pyramids and beyond

Modern science can not explain how nor reproduce the results, of how the Egyptian pyramids were built. people falsely believe they entomb mummies
Free energy device? That would make building it easy.
Astronomically they line up with orion's belt
from above they are squares
they have been found under the sea
they have been found on other planets
one world culture based on shared knowledge
those who know prepare
the multiversal mind is now
let exeriences move through you in the now
Agartha, inner earth, creation is infinity embracing itself
a foolish faithin authority is an enemy of the truth ~ Einstein
Truth is light
Truth unites, lies divide
The answer is inside
Who will survive the turning of the tide?
Is it any more crazy to believe in ET than not?
Walk the walk alone with Allah