Saturday, February 4, 2012

Earths pyramids and beyond

Modern science can not explain how nor reproduce the results, of how the Egyptian pyramids were built. people falsely believe they entomb mummies
Free energy device? That would make building it easy.
Astronomically they line up with orion's belt
from above they are squares
they have been found under the sea
they have been found on other planets
one world culture based on shared knowledge
those who know prepare
the multiversal mind is now
let exeriences move through you in the now
Agartha, inner earth, creation is infinity embracing itself
a foolish faithin authority is an enemy of the truth ~ Einstein
Truth is light
Truth unites, lies divide
The answer is inside
Who will survive the turning of the tide?
Is it any more crazy to believe in ET than not?
Walk the walk alone with Allah

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