Monday, January 23, 2012

heart cave ashram

You are connected to the most Powerful. If we have incarnated then we have gone thru seperation pangs come into this world wounded. some of us heal our wounds heal others. It is as though there is an umbilical chord anchoring your physical body on this plane to express the soul. Visit daily. Sometimes you stray. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Each day is a new lesson to learn. No harm or benefit is outside of you. The soul mind and body are an amana. Slow is not far behind, it is reflective and steady. Nothing is missing or lacking. Full speed ahead Fast is pointing into the future, unknown, unseen, which requires trust.. Change on a grand scale is conducted inside all of us. The fractal creation in the mirror. the parts always becoming clearer, becoming whole. So all of us are fellow travelers applying knowledge the best we can at that moment. Remember your part of the whole. Give it your all and let it go. In my heart cave there is no other.

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