Monday, January 16, 2012


I was not born a butterfly. This process requires patience. My gift is always there subtley waiting. I need only to turn within and push forward. There is no start or finish line. There is no catalyst. There is no qualifier or quantifier. The to's and fro's of this journey connect me with the infinite waves of all oceans. This is the moment, the time to fly. There is no normal, it is all spontaneous.
The days we are here for this experience are few. Knowing how precarious existence is and the changes nature is going through all around us, is all the same message we are getting inside. Your center is the light that shines on all. knowing is half the battle, and at times makes the challenges that much harder. problems need solutions. Create by creative writing Because I have been given this chance to create I will live this day in gratitude, patience. The rest of mankind, the light and dark, can not and will not turn within without me. Open wide my eyes, heart, mind, home. Be a benefit to others, and make things easier for others.

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