Friday, May 25, 2012

the human stargate

wedding and dog bite. things happen so fast or my perception of time is changing. now, the becoming. we spent the honeymoon at the chalet. Looking around it I was like what can I make and create for my own pleasure and not be attached to the results. what is truly ours, what is possible, who plans and decides and how to connect and relate for growth, what gets cut off and what grows in its place, what is wasted by not paying attention. how did my childhood prepare me for this time since it is so different? how do i use the light and love to create and still dwell on that first step out of the darkness? Darkness is unknown.
it all boils down to responsibility. response ability. i am not so attached to what's already gone or far away because i am the stargate, there is no elixir of life it is in the spine. there is no savior but my own journey's end where we don't battle duality. a writer, with a pen, reads first then chooses and crafts the words like a picture with many colors again not so attached to results. The results are unknown.