Thursday, March 31, 2011

brotherhood of the dragon

just who was Sir Francis Drake? What is it going to take for me to dig for the truth? Is he of the Rosicrucians? The Rosy Cross? Is that the templars? The confrontation I had yesterday with Marc taught me that I have to let go of anger and stop yelling, and Justin taught me that Love is the answer and we are One. Since I know this, I have to wonder why I am of this Bloodline and what balance is and how we wake up from the illusion of seperation. Some people question why we don't know, why we have to suffer, struggle, in order to reach Allah and grow. Why can't He tell us or appear they say? It is how you react and relate because the other person is you and needs your love. I must let go of the anger towards the soldiers. Leaving duality and entering Unity, Oneness is a painful experience, but that pain is the cure, it is a birthing or death or letting go or release, looking backwards from that, turning back from that.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This year has definitely been transformative. The changes are one day and one person at a time, taking back our power and getting together. We are approaching critical mass. We know we're being manipulated and controlled and are ready to resist. For the past few weeks there has been an earthquake and tsunami in Japan that hit the Fukushima nuclear plant, thousands dead and missing, food and water contamination, and radiation has been detected world wide. There are still more questions than answers, and sadly all the workers trying to contain the radiation will die shortly. Events are becoming more intense and bringing people all together as one. Masuro Emoto is asking for us to pray and bless the water and apologize to it. The changes are going to outlive and outlast us, if we don't achieve them, we pass the test on. We may strive with all our might and get one inch closer. The grid can only be activated if I remain firm in my place. As we grow and ascend we reach places on all levels together.
Today I visualized the pyramids and stone henge and the kaba etc from the vantage point of a giant, it would be so small and easy for them to build. I also thought about what the land marks would look like and point to, from above. as the earth moved the land marks would point to different places.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a cup of coffee

Thursday was a teacher work day. Mona said she'd meet me at Starbucks so Marc took us. I saw her outside on the porch, and she introduced us to her friend Ron. I knew that Mona was something special but being around her in the flesh was something else. she was the epitomy of a gypsy, living in a van, she traveled around meeting facebook friends, she talked about herbal medicine and tarot readings and birth charts. I felt like I was definitely in the right place at the right time with the right people. She took me out to see her van and her dog. Ron was really awesome too and totally warmed up to us.
they both gave off the impression that they were in tune with their inner creator, that they may be well aware of the chaos around them but that they were making beauty within it, a balance I have yet to find. I know that the process is a natural one yet I am still unsure of my step. The day after meeting Mona I got really sick and couldn't keep anything in or down, Marc called in to work so he could help take care of me and Nadia. I slept all day and then went to the doctor to get phenagren then slept all night. I had to stay home and rest rather than go to the womens retreat as planned while Marcia took Nadia to see Rango.

Friday, March 18, 2011

wisdom of the elders

One day I talked to my mom about the teachings of drumvalo and little grandmother about putting the crystals into lay lines, and she said it was interesting. she said she had mentioned the same thing to Granny and that Granny had responded with interest as well. However at the same time, Granny was thoroughly present, and focused on my mom, and about being happy and loving and comforting, as she always is. That had really struck my mother to the point where she abruptly said she had to go as if she were fighting back tears.
I understood exactly what she meant, that it is in the actions you take and not in philosophizing that gives a person depth and wisdom that shown through. I can talk and write all I want and perhaps fool many into thinking I have experienced enlightenment, but when it gets down to how I live, and interact with others, I have so far to go. It is so ironic that often the same things I have said to others in a confrontational way, have been said to me and I have seen how interconnected we all are, and what we pick up on, connect to and feed on. As I feel the wheel turning back again to where it began I see the new slipping away in exchange for the old, for it is then that we were more connected to Mother Earth and to each other.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


the more Allah loves us the more He shall test us. Our tests in this world free us from trials in the hereafter. Become aware of the trials and admit and acknowledge the trials you've gone through and the bumps and scratches you've gained along the way. With those scrapes and scratches comes wisdom, knowledge, and strength. Those gifts are only available in the now. The Hereafter is an astral plane in the Present. Remembering the Hereafter brings balance. Living in the past or the future will create anxiety because it is a lack of balance. In my sick and twisted mind it is chaos that makes me feel comfortable. I can escape from responsibility by pointing to obvious problems that pose a challenge, but they do not stop me from anything unless I let them. Muhammad was a Mercy to mankind and we make things easier for people. Lightworkers are sent in times of chaos and change and upheaval to lead the way to a new plane. I have to trust the unknown and show the beauty of hope, like a budding rose, she can not open too soon or she will be killed by the frost.

I know this and stepping away from this old habit and into the new creates anxiety that I am not facing head on and thus I am not seeing the potential I know I have and can only find within. Trusting Allah will heal anxiety. This will take constant effort and focus which is something I have considered a struggle, but if I focus on the ascension going on all around me and within me, connecting to it all and feeding off that energy, that hey I am here to love, and walking the path of gratitude, being the healing at the moment and place it is needed, another face of Allah. The Earth only holds us for a certain time during our ascension and one day we will no longer need it.