Friday, March 18, 2011

wisdom of the elders

One day I talked to my mom about the teachings of drumvalo and little grandmother about putting the crystals into lay lines, and she said it was interesting. she said she had mentioned the same thing to Granny and that Granny had responded with interest as well. However at the same time, Granny was thoroughly present, and focused on my mom, and about being happy and loving and comforting, as she always is. That had really struck my mother to the point where she abruptly said she had to go as if she were fighting back tears.
I understood exactly what she meant, that it is in the actions you take and not in philosophizing that gives a person depth and wisdom that shown through. I can talk and write all I want and perhaps fool many into thinking I have experienced enlightenment, but when it gets down to how I live, and interact with others, I have so far to go. It is so ironic that often the same things I have said to others in a confrontational way, have been said to me and I have seen how interconnected we all are, and what we pick up on, connect to and feed on. As I feel the wheel turning back again to where it began I see the new slipping away in exchange for the old, for it is then that we were more connected to Mother Earth and to each other.

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