Saturday, March 26, 2011

a cup of coffee

Thursday was a teacher work day. Mona said she'd meet me at Starbucks so Marc took us. I saw her outside on the porch, and she introduced us to her friend Ron. I knew that Mona was something special but being around her in the flesh was something else. she was the epitomy of a gypsy, living in a van, she traveled around meeting facebook friends, she talked about herbal medicine and tarot readings and birth charts. I felt like I was definitely in the right place at the right time with the right people. She took me out to see her van and her dog. Ron was really awesome too and totally warmed up to us.
they both gave off the impression that they were in tune with their inner creator, that they may be well aware of the chaos around them but that they were making beauty within it, a balance I have yet to find. I know that the process is a natural one yet I am still unsure of my step. The day after meeting Mona I got really sick and couldn't keep anything in or down, Marc called in to work so he could help take care of me and Nadia. I slept all day and then went to the doctor to get phenagren then slept all night. I had to stay home and rest rather than go to the womens retreat as planned while Marcia took Nadia to see Rango.

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