Monday, April 30, 2012

Paradigm of Atlantis

America is the new Atlantis. Reason and rationality fail without spirit. Degenerate GFL come from a vibrational paradigm with thousands of levels of reality some think they are right and some know they manipulate. Lowest realm of 5th dimensin is heaven. Now end of cycle bringing to balance, Mayan. connected to nature -Orion group not all evil. Orion League into control. Black pope is a gopher.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I watched a video of Robert Morningsky from 1991. He had a Hopi mother and Apache father. He was raised between the two families due to his father's death, by his grandfathers. The Apache are patriarchal and the Hopi are matriarchal. The Hopi teach that we come from the Star Elders. For the star being to take on an earthly body is to be a warrior. We are visitors and do not truly belong on the Earth. All ancient civilizations are connected by design by off planet beings as an experiment.
The dance is a test to prove endurance and to pay respect to the elders. Moving in a body is why we're here, until we go home. In the "light" you get reprogrammed and reincarnate again to be used as an energy source. To break this cycle find and shine your own light.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I posted a blog about Israel destroying a power plant in the West Bank. Ramy confirmed it as true saying it collects news from many sites.  Micah took the poorly cited work as reason enough to doubt the story. He went so far as to call it slander. I felt compelled to do his work for him and verify the info from other more mainstream sources while deleting him. I said you don't believe it because you are Jewish? Once he commented that he passed the story along from a source he liked better, but no apology for attacking me, I blocked him. All my friends backed me up.
Some people you will reach because they are open to new information. Others fight to retain the illusion. What are we basing reality on, and how do people clash based on what information they have? Then throw in thoughts and feelings. The body mind and soul are balanced in so few people. I will take it to heart about writing to inform, and gathering information, how to expose the information and respond to discuss it. Obviously the mainstream is questionable.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Family and house are both "bayt" in arabic. Cancer is tied to the home, as the woman is the heart of the home. To be cut off from half and to move so often set in the pattern early. One family you're born into and another you build. This doesn't have to be earthbound. One family you're raised in and another you raise. There was a building and destroying of my home with Kamal, to bring Nadia to begin a home with Marc. Nadia teaches me how to be a mother. The body is the house of  light. I am a light body mixed with clay. moving and traveling through space. This means past present and future are truly 5th dimensional. The mingling of two realms, the mission is to prevent the capping of the pyramid. There's nothing missed dropped or lost.
The Rosicrucian pirate, passed on his mission and vision. The cycle of birth life and death, and here I am, bringing light to the darkness. Marcia picked up Nadia yesterday and we went to the drippilator and then to CVS and the park. We watched ducks then It started to rain. We went to the Family Fun Night. I got her 3 books and then we looked at her classroom. We ate dinner then Marcia dropped us off.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yesterday Ahmad posted a picture of IDF soldiers pointing guns at children in their beds. . One of his friends wished the same on the soldier's children. I pointed out the innocence of children, as did Karen. We were not well received by the commenter and another friend of Ahmad. Both of them pointed out that we had no idea what occupation was like. I left the discussion because I was starting to cry and Nadia was there. Karen stuck it out and it turned around for the better.
I thought of the pain and suffering that I could never understand or know, and that my care and concern could have been expressed by listening. My type is INFJ and the intuitive just listens openly. The brother that got upset apologized and saw where I was coming from. We became friends. That now inspires me to push harder for peace. Like my tarot reading said to let go of expectations. There is nothing I can do about others' thoughts or feelings but that does not mean we can not connect. We are one even beyond the opposites. There are those who know and those who act on what they know, for the sake of those who don't know

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sycamore flats

It's the middle of Spring Break. Marc and I said we'd like to get married in the Spring. We had Evan over and decided on May 12th. I've got permission to drive and I got accepted into the Yoga Teacher Training. Over the many years, so many things are built and destroyed. Parts of me left long ago and parts of me stayed. It was like looking at a blend of old and new, and a canvas with so many colors to blend and mold. The paintbrush is me. It all blends into the unity of Now. I can create something totally mine, and my desire for it will keep me going through the obstacles that would have made me quit. Go out, come back. The lapping of the ocean waves on the shore. What are all these outer influences drowning out, that real me I have been growing into, but neglecting and looking away from, denying how special she is. The reason I am in this place and time and the forgotten lost love I am rediscovering.

Right before Marcia came I was watching a video on EFT. It goes to show how picking something you love and doing it your best is so rewarding. Marcia took us to get Granny then go to Pisgah National Forest. It was quite special to have 4 generations together. As we drove through town we were talking about all the gorgeous blooms we saw. We found a great picnic spot and got in the water and threw rocks. We ate lunch and then got some ice cream in Lake Toxaway. When we bought Granny home, Steve and Jam were there.