Saturday, April 28, 2012


I watched a video of Robert Morningsky from 1991. He had a Hopi mother and Apache father. He was raised between the two families due to his father's death, by his grandfathers. The Apache are patriarchal and the Hopi are matriarchal. The Hopi teach that we come from the Star Elders. For the star being to take on an earthly body is to be a warrior. We are visitors and do not truly belong on the Earth. All ancient civilizations are connected by design by off planet beings as an experiment.
The dance is a test to prove endurance and to pay respect to the elders. Moving in a body is why we're here, until we go home. In the "light" you get reprogrammed and reincarnate again to be used as an energy source. To break this cycle find and shine your own light.

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