Monday, October 18, 2010


The very notion of European colonists, or of Spaniards, sailing here to the New Land, so long ago, is baffling. What grand civilization and complex culture existed so long ago, and how did it begin and grow? would it be here today if it weren't for our intervention? It never stops it just changes platforms.
I don't think our education system wants us to absorb the experience as our own or identify with it. I think it is a key to our nation's identity and understanding itself and of growing if it can, or maturing if it can, if not it will contribute to it's decay. Did Atlanteans come to the United States over the Iberian Peninsula? There have likely been so many changes over time, in landscape and geography, in climate, ice ages, desertification, would this knowledge ever slip away from our grasp, would it be intentionally kept hidden, what is the state of the human race from it's start til now, have we been cheated of our true glory or has our development been altered from an outsider? Are we losing our true history through the genocide of the Native Americans?
The Earth has a rare combination of so many different forms of life and that is what makes it unique in the universe. What is it in man that has made him forgotten the balance and what will it take to remind him?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ancient Civilization

I am so curious about Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis. what kind of understanding did these humans have of their place in the universe? of time and space? If historians are so sure about the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, why do they continue to deny the others? Mainstream science is there to suppress the truth and ridicule those who want to bring light. There must be some event that puts certain people in charge, that gives some group an advantage, that the rest accept and go along with. One day humans must stand up and say no! The earth itself may balance herself soon, during a pole shift. There must be so much information and knowledge that those in charge conceal. Why have we been so deceived into buying the lable "national security"? Our nation is nothing but a corporation.
The search for truth must start within, the heart and soul will not misguide, while the senses deceive. I feel so sure that there is so much power in the brain and heart, that perhaps humans were meant to harness. If those civilizations were further along, and yet were destroyed, for the same reason that we face destruction now, then who were those that survived? Indigenous tribes, all over the world, may have this knowledge, that the white man wanted to destroy to retain power. The Hopi knew they were from Lemuria and used time travel. I want to study, explore and experience, what I know in my subconscious.