Wednesday, December 26, 2012

traveling treasures

We each have an inner spark and are made of one light. As it travels and we travel with it, we are changed by it. we can choose the change. some do not even see it because it pervades them.. We had christmas dinner at rosemary's with Matt, Uncle Joe, and Grandpa. Rosemary is such a good cook. show your love with your deeds and feed your family and that changes the world. controling yourself despite the situation you can not. give it to Allah. it was 2 years ago we lived there.Taz and Terra are both gone now. We found out Grandpa got depressed and has gout and stopped eating and the neighbors called the fire department to check on him and he was fine after he ate. Christmas Eve we drove down to Anderson and spent the night at matt's. Tim and Sylvia, and Mike and  Lynn  came. Christmas morning we drove back to nc and I got sick. I felt okay later and ate with dr vines and opal.
I connect and create with my own mind body and soul to people insha'Allah. it is Allah's Attributes and Actions, in orbit, ascending in bloom to be known. 2013 is the year of the serpent, apply what you know. the full moon in cancer tonight, open mic, help from ancestors  to heal and let go. When you watch a film it can change you, yet it remains apart from you.every time there is another layer to peel.  observe the creation drama, respond only with love.    you build it and it grows and you let it go..  Marc said the ghost of his grandma helped him get his guitar ready on stage.

Friday, December 21, 2012

winter solstice spring euinox

No more hiding. Break out in celebration, it's the galaxy's birthday. darkness recedes now. spiritual midwifery. red tent, crecent crab moon sea pearl. cultivating my own energy for this time means being more quiet and waiting for answers to come rather than seek them. there is a fire that burns though flame touched it not. the change comes when you master your gift self and embrace the shadow, that the world has molded you into, but is not true. You see the fire in you and do not seek it with the eyes. open to the unity of all things to give and receive. the new earth grows seed and kernel with your light. you see the unseen before it appears, at the source.
Allah reveals Himself when one surrenders their senses, Al mu’alim. Allah is in you, in creation, go in, thru and beyond. Layla is on the raido~Lailat Al Qadr. I  heard nadia’s cd player and it was sami yusuf try not to cry little one,. I imagined it as a message to her as a child who really did feel all alone, and then I was thinking of islam and muslims, as well as other religions with other followers, and how Allah reveals Himself thru them all,Allah made man into nations and tribes to teach them and show them the beauty of diversity and of His Creative Power, and that each separate religion ensured that they would all be guided, in one way or another, thru one message, one teacher, one book, or another, different because each human is different, yet all similar bc we are one soul, and seeing the jamal and jalal as a sign again from Allah from nation to nation that they each are both blessed and tried. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


 I am going to be happy and feel good and put that first. If you can't meet me I won't go.Questions demanding answers have no space. I can not bend and break to fit. My darkest days have come, and I hope I can put myself together with Marc, without medication but it may come to that. Seeds sprout in the dark. Stars shine in the dark. Dark is calm and quiet, in the cave. The spiral is upwards. Number 9. Nadia's birthday party at Granny's had ernie, dianne, nina, mom, rob, granny, me and marc. she got a cool clock and a cute horse and we had cake and ice cream. Monday Marc called in and we drove down Brickyard to Tall Trees. Granny Nina and Ernie were there, we ate and got water.

I wanted to get out of Cali, so I can make the most out of being home again. But I have not made this my home yet.  I have been with Marc for 4 years, married half a year. Moving isn't always the answer, but I liked Hendersonville better and finally it is on the table. Lenon said his children orbit around him. I have never felt rooted or at home and just came into my body. it is going to be a one day at a time thing, to get body mind soul food shelter clothing family friends in order.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I enter the cave of myself.I choose how to respond. This is the point of no return. I am light and dark as Allah lowers and lifts my heart's veil to be known. We were created to know. Musa was busy asking questions rather than experiencing directly. All you hear is an echo. I know there is no where to run on a spiral. My mind is hiding behind my heart crying wolf. If you don't learn you will always return. As above so below. Everything is measured divinely. When I make a space peace falls into place. there is no eject button, so plug into the source. Peace descends instantly and the boat can not be rocked.
It's all me creating destiny. The Great Work. The pieces do fit, there is no lack. Cinnamon took me to Cheshire, Danielle taught. I  feel glad to have the support in myself and the universe if i ask.  Christina and I observed Hot Vital Flow w/ Martia, She was dropping hints about bones and body. It was great to watch her, feel the heat, see the students at different levels.  Marc laid out super sick today and Nadia had a half day..
Nadia was sent home with a fever, and I decided the yoga was a struggle I could accept putting aside. I have to enjoy the ride and not grab on just to feel alive. I lose power when I put the demand or expectation on what is beyond my control.