Tuesday, July 24, 2012

moon room 237

.i found an awesome film about the shining and the moon landing. who watches the earth from the moon? what is buried there?  worse than faking it is how it taught us to believe what we see.and how kubrick was used to fool us.2012 is more than halfway over,  almost 2 years in black mountain! still need to check out hop'n blueberry farm, and rise up river camp and bring my new drum to the circle. !  there is no time but Allah's time. jury duty, yoga and 3rd grade start next month.  the cancer  is tied to home and family, so ofcourse those are the challenges i have to find balance in. as tom says its not where you're at, it's where you're "at". i lose track of the path and must backtrack. strangers make their place a home. now andy left ernie a note telling him he was greedy for not sharing the chalet, and ernie said he'd never go out to tall trees again. nina isnt upset at andy, at least not publically. Mondays (moondays?) will be at Granny's now. 

yesterday kamal picked up nadia for a week's stay in flat rock. i want to fix the house, and get my permit while nadia's gone. nadia left the paper with all the fun stuff to do here. i called today at noon and kamal was just waking up. it feels like 9 for him and it is ramadan, the month of the qur'an. . he called back later to ask about nadia's hand. the human soul has astral work to be done in a physical body. there is an unseen world some know of, travel in. it is a veil of knowing, lifted for few. as below. the mountains taught my heart and the city taught my mind.  things are not what they seem to the mind but the heart knows through love. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

ramadan birthday

 it's my 31st earthday. when the month of ramadan comes, the gates of paradise open and devils are chained.. a month of mercy, repentance, purification, and forgiveness. true hunger is not a lack of food. what gift do i most want to give to myself? purpose with love.my first ramadan was in december. 1999, it my senior year. the days were shorter, so the fast was quicker,13 years ago. this time it began on my birthday, 5 months sooner. the beauty of life is its ephimerality.   

The hidden does not always remain so.  we exist to know.  there is duality in unity. reflections outside of myself are the light splintered into rainbows.eventually they become white again. the seed opens in darkness and reaches home towards light.  The womb of earth and sky are held with mercy. all is new.you learned what you needed to yesterday. there is more to learn today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

spiral spiritual ritual

feel the pressure of the earth's spin
as you descend ride the winds of the divine whisper
the being of gaia and sophia offers and gives
 listens and remembers
until you ascend again

Thursday, July 5, 2012

8 billion years

I remember reading a book with my dad. Strange Stories and Amazing Facts. I learned from it our sun is a yellow dwarf that will turn into a red giant. the sun cools and swells into a white dwarf and dies. When I went on the family beach trip I told Joe. He got scared because he didn't know 8 billion was so big. I had The End in mind as I grew older. Nothing was as it seemed. Look at the decay. It had to mean something. 

Monday, July 2, 2012


sumerians = some aryans
heart cave ashram in the mind i  go to instead of  always thinkin of the past
if the  military had not obeyed stand down orders 9/11 wouldn't have hapened
writing what you know, trivium. quadrivium
nature, counter culture, comparative politics
home safe secure nurture protect
everything is temporary enjoy it while you can

random stufff from April

the golden compass
storm of the century, stephen king film
2 roads meet
i deleted norah and she didn't want to be my friend. jenn blocked me and i felt the same. norah and i both came around.
"intruders" project dove "yellowbook"Alien guest = hidden imam
they alter livestock so aliens alter us