Friday, July 20, 2012

ramadan birthday

 it's my 31st earthday. when the month of ramadan comes, the gates of paradise open and devils are chained.. a month of mercy, repentance, purification, and forgiveness. true hunger is not a lack of food. what gift do i most want to give to myself? purpose with first ramadan was in december. 1999, it my senior year. the days were shorter, so the fast was quicker,13 years ago. this time it began on my birthday, 5 months sooner. the beauty of life is its ephimerality.   

The hidden does not always remain so.  we exist to know.  there is duality in unity. reflections outside of myself are the light splintered into rainbows.eventually they become white again. the seed opens in darkness and reaches home towards light.  The womb of earth and sky are held with mercy. all is learned what you needed to yesterday. there is more to learn today.

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