Tuesday, April 30, 2013

don't "take it" personally

yesterday marcia and granny took us to wendy's and granny said why be picky about organic when so many have no food? parasites.then the library. but the picture they wanted to see wasn't there .today nadia missed the art class. marcia got an oragami kit for her and she took us to fresh. we wanted to eat different things she seemed upset about me looking at choices.. marc took half a night off.

 it's not all about you. or your battle or struggle or weakness or desire.this drama is one part of who we are. a flutter by.emotions can be put aside like the tide.  home and family and tribe, 3 bears luna, galaxy ocean, womb, milk, beehive collective honey flowershop village herbals windfox heal forests trees rainbows

Monday, April 22, 2013

life is not a critical condition

life death and epigenetics we control our dna. experience has value because it has a beginning middle and end, a process of change and growth through duality,  due to the realization that one of the most important events happened before I could understand, I am on alert. i don't want to be triggered anymore by the appearance of things not working out. so what if the past did not work out as planned and led me down a new path? it is always for love and truth and forever. not the time or place we attach to. we don't know but we trust. we fall and get smarter.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


we're all on stage, taking off the mask. we're all our own audience as we spiral in and see ourselves within and without. life is a party full of infinite potential and dreams to manifest. i saw what didn't work and left it behind, and needlessly feel trapped in darkness when light is in me and all around for the taking to refuel.it is in the attention to the detail of the moment you create.  how making the switch and never looking back, into the faith and hope and beauty of magic making. how little of what i am is anything other than responding to a stimuli? there is no need to question it because that answer comes from outside.

 we got to mona's, hung out, packed up and headed out. the house and hosts and food and vibe was awesome, wild. rosemary loves dancing. another lady releases doves and brought one. another lady painted and helped nadia. they plugged in a few guitars and mic and would again any time, marc loved jamming out and nadia painted.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


you don't look for what you already know. you think and you believe and you question and doubt.good and bad are perspectives. light and dark mean changing experiences.  it is humbling to see yourself as a lump of cells and wonder of the stages of growth.  the wind in the flute. only i can give myself the most special attention and tender care. i have a powerful unique role in building a new world. i believe i can create something better.

Monday, April 8, 2013

the astral quest

genesis generate replace replicate replinish refresh ad infinitum. get up and salute the sun, right where you are, spiral in up and out. you are your own self master when you are timeless in time. earth school garden. the ether is like fertile soil. over the course of the  ages we become the  gems and metals we collect. i am a collecter. but can not hold an           experience/hologram. i am the light cotaining the hologram. not where but when. how ancient is the salt, ash, coal. diamond, crystal, first eye?

Sunday, April 7, 2013


it's easy to imagine but harder to do.too few do anything let alone enough. hurry up and wait. the noble savage told us the joy of not knowing and unconditional openness and acceptance that this moment has the lesson or liberation you need. not only if. your only if is definitely less than what awaits. the adventure is on the horizon waiting for your gaze. you need your body, the earth, and connection to all souls, that's it. . you alone have the magic ingredient

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


i am still magnetic white light.with inner wisdom in this space i create i am here to see inside my universe to build a healing  tribe for my children's children. in community we surrender serve allow validate trust and hope and gratitude and detachment. i observe witness declare  testify crucify sacrifice my shell playing a role.here and there, then and now, i created all this around me. truly knowing myself and not escaping or hiding or being afraid, just make life into art and beauty, is only the vibration right now through singing like overloaded, with careful attention to meaning make all things new, the milk and honey way in spiritual midwifery, at the farm, in my heart home, montessori waldorf steiner, writing clearly, reading between the lines, sharing circles drum heart ocean thunder cooking ayurveda soup kitchen, cleaning yoga sleeping gardening. connect near and far. left and right brain. i see men inside huge robots moving them as how we really are.