Saturday, April 20, 2013


we're all on stage, taking off the mask. we're all our own audience as we spiral in and see ourselves within and without. life is a party full of infinite potential and dreams to manifest. i saw what didn't work and left it behind, and needlessly feel trapped in darkness when light is in me and all around for the taking to is in the attention to the detail of the moment you create.  how making the switch and never looking back, into the faith and hope and beauty of magic making. how little of what i am is anything other than responding to a stimuli? there is no need to question it because that answer comes from outside.

 we got to mona's, hung out, packed up and headed out. the house and hosts and food and vibe was awesome, wild. rosemary loves dancing. another lady releases doves and brought one. another lady painted and helped nadia. they plugged in a few guitars and mic and would again any time, marc loved jamming out and nadia painted.

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