Sunday, February 24, 2013

follow the wind

Careful attention is a sign of is not futile or casual in the least. Create something longlasting.Tangible results means narrowing things down and making space for the unseen. trust in the divine plan and follow the white rabbit. I got Joel's card from the drippalator. I can see putting a flier for traveling treasures there soon. He lives by the school,plays at open mics and teaches classes. I saw the drive and purpose he put into healing.i have come full circle and risen again in the east, when i gave everything for love i gained it all and more.

i am powerful and own it. i am awake and aware.  I am able to respond in a beautiful way. I am always transforming for the better. My gifts bring me and those around me joy. pranayama and asana are your container. its all flowing here now. i trust i will not be cut off from The Source. The fountain is in me, and I am a cup. joy and love is a choice made when challenged. what would my own red tent be? cover, comfort,  the open spacetime.. expand and contract.make it known. early to bed early to rise breakfast greens snacks decorations music walks. 3 sets of 8 hours.  whadya know my moon started and full moon leo.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

acceptance leads to ascension

i felt like poo when i got up but chose to feel better. open hearts love serve and remember. thoughts and feelings are illusions and senses are doorways to meet people on the bridge. the only thing i know is i am here having a human experience  for a reason and why not a good one?
john brandy and luna had us over.we got water there. their place is so different now that it's all theirs.lots of antiques and decorations and a new camper. nadia watched Alf for the first time. she read to Luna. brandy paid me and apologized for the delay.

The magnetic pull of the glowing moon calls the ocean waves on. tides drive the mercy ocean, the earth womb. though so far away it still touches us. we are visiting guests, to give birth again and again. the guide out of darkness if you surrender, 3 days a month. to create beauty accept embrace with joy..body mind soul. Remember the mountain girl in the city, open new curious now an awake mother at home. observe how the enviorment shapes you, bless it. make a bubble and float with the current..
 tie spirituality activism journalism info knowledge connections and change fear into love.  connecting and breaking apart is Allah in my life. It is a cycle and process unfolding I create.  let love flow from my fountain, there is enough to fill us all. thought matters not. each soul will be reached and touched. heal yourself,listen  the earth is fertile with life, and open for seeds to sprout. the butterfly heart has two wings, hope and fear, which light a fire in you to travel deeper within. The hidden becomes manifest and the roots nourish all.

Monday, February 11, 2013

butterfly soul

nonattachment not detachment.. work hard play hard make it beautiful make it yours. the female is the temple that gives shape and form to spirit. so take hold of that gift.agree to the quest. always opening to what's new next. we know it is temporary breif fragile and everything.the burning  love and light makes you feel like there's no where else to be  the young caterpillar fears the end, when the butterfly begins. . migration following subtle rhythm. pollination. blooms later understanding and knowledge while growing is so flawed and incomplete. and i am reminded of this ofteen. for that i am is so vastly greater than I.  submit surrender trust this Body mind soul 3, the storytelling ant on the persian rug. at times a flowing  robe or halo shows us becoming butterflies now.
awareness of the self and responsibility for creation can and will give you joy and sorrow.aware is what you wear, the mask that does magic.  heal self on this journey of sun and rain make the rainbow, shine in hidden places, balance is the mode of travel, learn, change, growth, exploration, creation. of past present and future, awake and asleep, with the self and self as other. look at the illusion and smile and laugh and sing to change it. turn lead into gold, the whole reason for the scales is equalizing.

Monday, February 4, 2013


noon to 2. 24 hours where is horus? infinity of choices. everything has an orbit of 3. travel the wheel and take yourself with you, as life goes around. you are fully there returning home to grow up from the spine.darkness is a womb, it appears as nothing but teaming with life. . over the weekend tala spent the night.. 4 years with marc we plan on iannucci's with uncle joe and lunch on the parkway. nadia is spending the night with my parents for the first time ever depending on what marcia needs.  i got medicaid back. mom and rob came over. mom bought a dress and wants more. she still sells greeting cards. we made a wrong turn and drove around ridgemont,  went to my fathers pizza and lake tomahawk.rob made boats to race with nadia we saw tons of different kinds of ducks and geese  and the moon during daylight. they said they'd like to come back, and try lake lure perhaps. of course i left my purse in their car. met mom and rob in fletcher and marc went out with the guys and open mic.