Monday, February 4, 2013


noon to 2. 24 hours where is horus? infinity of choices. everything has an orbit of 3. travel the wheel and take yourself with you, as life goes around. you are fully there returning home to grow up from the spine.darkness is a womb, it appears as nothing but teaming with life. . over the weekend tala spent the night.. 4 years with marc we plan on iannucci's with uncle joe and lunch on the parkway. nadia is spending the night with my parents for the first time ever depending on what marcia needs.  i got medicaid back. mom and rob came over. mom bought a dress and wants more. she still sells greeting cards. we made a wrong turn and drove around ridgemont,  went to my fathers pizza and lake tomahawk.rob made boats to race with nadia we saw tons of different kinds of ducks and geese  and the moon during daylight. they said they'd like to come back, and try lake lure perhaps. of course i left my purse in their car. met mom and rob in fletcher and marc went out with the guys and open mic.

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