Monday, February 11, 2013

butterfly soul

nonattachment not detachment.. work hard play hard make it beautiful make it yours. the female is the temple that gives shape and form to spirit. so take hold of that gift.agree to the quest. always opening to what's new next. we know it is temporary breif fragile and everything.the burning  love and light makes you feel like there's no where else to be  the young caterpillar fears the end, when the butterfly begins. . migration following subtle rhythm. pollination. blooms later understanding and knowledge while growing is so flawed and incomplete. and i am reminded of this ofteen. for that i am is so vastly greater than I.  submit surrender trust this Body mind soul 3, the storytelling ant on the persian rug. at times a flowing  robe or halo shows us becoming butterflies now.
awareness of the self and responsibility for creation can and will give you joy and sorrow.aware is what you wear, the mask that does magic.  heal self on this journey of sun and rain make the rainbow, shine in hidden places, balance is the mode of travel, learn, change, growth, exploration, creation. of past present and future, awake and asleep, with the self and self as other. look at the illusion and smile and laugh and sing to change it. turn lead into gold, the whole reason for the scales is equalizing.

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