Friday, August 23, 2013

day of djed

life and death are twins
pineal and pituitary
looking at each other
what we see is only what we remember
like eternal starseeds
the core through the eyegate
the return of osiris as Sah
meet me at the lote tree
of the utmost boundary and fly
home made apple pie amer-ika
apple of the eye
there is no journey
without a fall
for the red dress disguise
the house is just a door
draw and open it
create with delight

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

blue aquarius moon in leo.

 Let go of belief tune into frequency. keep it consistent. i felt the digital underground, another world is home. and i listened to dangerous again and off the wall. the angel of music, dionysus i get the force heart and mind day night fire feeling the music and how it influenced hip hop. the disk ring rope coil. spinning in the dark 2 become 1. man woman dark light changing masks back and's all about the melanin ocean flow. lapis lazuli. turtle shell is saying slow down to see and hear what is meant for you to align. stop asking.
 we are surrunded by parasites and must stand strong, dig into your earth for more details skeleton spine and care. my blackened wings leave a rainbow flying through distance space time.the pain came to  expand love and birth it..  it is 2 worlds connected in a cardinal cross. nadia came home and is happy with the new year. louise died at the gas station so we got a cab home. this time it was cheap and quick to fix. or so we thought.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

pride of lions

sun, new moon and mercury in Leo. express bright ideas. you will find and make enough if you guard your den. Love and light. lion's mane. zion orion. goddess IO Today  was nadine's birthday.5th to 10th grade. crooked creek, spinning wheel rugs, poverty tourism, camel riders snake charmers, bridge, gate. girls just wanna have fun the middle of fifth. after 6th we went to different middle schools.sam and  amanda indian cave,  allison road, pinecrest, sam story and john mccoy
tall trees. neil then in the middle of high school i moved to ca.then i blew it. it's great regina and i got together a few years back i called her a few months ago.
we got louise back but may end up letting her go.
marc tried to hand me the bowl and i dropped it. everyone fucks up and cleans it up and keeps moving. what am i grasping for and how can i hold on when i want to disappear? as i was leaving to walk to the store jeff drove by.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

the beast tamed

 today we partied with jukebox, his family, john and his. you make your own vision and rhythm and just go looking for those who sing your tune. perhaps i was once the angry black woman who was denied her child. she comes out less now. i had a habit in the past which i am glad to have the experience and hindsight to notice and observe. being a butterfly helps me to celebrate changes. when i want to be alone so i don't have to deal with what i find unpleasant, I am showing an inability  to cope and solve my own problems. things will always come up. moods change. no one could understand me and no one should have to.  i know what running is like. i know what starting over is like. if i don't feel like the ground is shaky then i won't have to fly away. like bill donahue said it is the nature of the beast. to watch it an name it is great. yes life is suffering but do we attach to it or do we transmute it?

Friday, August 2, 2013


Jumah Mubarak! Jenn came back.Power is in the word. and might is in the deed. There are worlds I came here to co create.use cash said start with capricorn.the trick is don't let anyone get your goat. i guess i have to let go and let it go.  I remember listening more to within., not the troll under the bridge.and how much better it was.   Mona said to read what I write to figure out the real message use the right tools. ideas acted mercury direct.
pacamama my mom asked for her books on chakras so its time to review them and activate. now is lughnasa, harvest, leo, maben, days shorten. ask for what you deserve and believe it is coming. black mountain yoga is opening a new studio. cinnamon teaches a class there. willow opened one also. nadia called from indonesia and i talked to Papa for a minute. don't reinvent the wheel. don't burn out on expectations. have a dream that is built to last. the foolish hope of a moonchild. blackmoon lilith from tiamat. created the hidden world to be known