Wednesday, August 7, 2013

pride of lions

sun, new moon and mercury in Leo. express bright ideas. you will find and make enough if you guard your den. Love and light. lion's mane. zion orion. goddess IO Today  was nadine's birthday.5th to 10th grade. crooked creek, spinning wheel rugs, poverty tourism, camel riders snake charmers, bridge, gate. girls just wanna have fun the middle of fifth. after 6th we went to different middle schools.sam and  amanda indian cave,  allison road, pinecrest, sam story and john mccoy
tall trees. neil then in the middle of high school i moved to ca.then i blew it. it's great regina and i got together a few years back i called her a few months ago.
we got louise back but may end up letting her go.
marc tried to hand me the bowl and i dropped it. everyone fucks up and cleans it up and keeps moving. what am i grasping for and how can i hold on when i want to disappear? as i was leaving to walk to the store jeff drove by.

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