Sunday, August 4, 2013

the beast tamed

 today we partied with jukebox, his family, john and his. you make your own vision and rhythm and just go looking for those who sing your tune. perhaps i was once the angry black woman who was denied her child. she comes out less now. i had a habit in the past which i am glad to have the experience and hindsight to notice and observe. being a butterfly helps me to celebrate changes. when i want to be alone so i don't have to deal with what i find unpleasant, I am showing an inability  to cope and solve my own problems. things will always come up. moods change. no one could understand me and no one should have to.  i know what running is like. i know what starting over is like. if i don't feel like the ground is shaky then i won't have to fly away. like bill donahue said it is the nature of the beast. to watch it an name it is great. yes life is suffering but do we attach to it or do we transmute it?

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