Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a new dimension

Worship turns your flame into fire
the light is a bright inferno
iresistable and subtle is merciful love
The eyes can only see what's inside. It is absorbed. It is not out there.
what we view is a projection of what we don't.
Now that I am less attached to illusions, I have to adjust to trust.
Danielle came over today and pointed out that the learning and growing we are doing IS doing something. The universe changes and arranges according to you and for you. The expectation of what I should be doing is a burden to release. Remember what I know and use it to help and heal my self and home and things will grow from there. Healing wounds requires you to acknowledge them. The mirror can't contain what it reflects. My daily journey around the sun is a beautiful poem I share. Thoughts and feelings expressed through action, both large and small, both for myself and others, without doubt or fear.

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas and more

As the earth tilts on its axis, there is so much going on. How different is life when driven by choice? It is all out on the table and up to me. The days are growing shorter. Time is running out to adjust. you choose how you react and live. what matters more? what matters less? what drives you? what is your vision? what do you create? what can you share? what can you give?
Muharram, Winter solstice, Nadia's birthday, Christmas and 2012. It is at full blast volume and full speed. To see so much more than before and in new ways every day. the more you learn the less you know. its all about the experience, not the knowledge. does it change you? asking for help is okay. the cool calm center i will create in my heart cave comes from being an observer. active participation, karmic duty and partnership forms at home and family. work effort and action enjoyed. This center and union is my yoga.
christmas eve morning we went to rosemary's house. she cooked up a storm, and then to Ernie's church service. we got there about 10 minutes late but it was still worth it. It was packed, mostly full of old people. The sermon was about how the scandal of the birth of jesus went against all the taboos of purity and that we should reconsider when we see others as such. Then we went to Ernie's house for a visit. Bob was there, quite rare. Tom came too. A friend from the church ate dinner with us since he had no family there. It was great to see Sarah too. We followed Joe to his house and hung out with his friends for a while. He showed us his turn tables. Then Christmas morning we went to Anderson and had dinner on the boathouse. Matt and Kayla are back together. Today we drove up to Tall Trees, and Mom was there. then Marc took us to Olive Garden.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The part is repeated in the whole, the whole is repeated in parts. Our life is made up of a number of days, breaths. We can choose to travel to any of those days. We are going supposedly around the sun, yet the sun is moving as well. Wherever you try to divide, the whole manifests. As above so below, there is a universe in every cell. When the infinite becomes finite there can only be infinity.
there's a difference between information, knowledge, and wisdom. The difference is perspective, is it mind body or soul? Everyone has the inner core of purity and surrender. We know we are one, some forget, and are divided and conquered. The true you was there before your parents met. The unity of opposites, the polarities entering oneness, is waiting for you. Go back again. We do not have to buy into a cliche of innocence lost. The drops in the ocean are riding the wave until they crash into the shore.
Pay attention and don't look away. The new and strange can be just as beautiful as scary. Don't panic or give up. Use what I know so I don't repeat the same mistakes. Believe and do good deeds.