Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a new dimension

Worship turns your flame into fire
the light is a bright inferno
iresistable and subtle is merciful love
The eyes can only see what's inside. It is absorbed. It is not out there.
what we view is a projection of what we don't.
Now that I am less attached to illusions, I have to adjust to trust.
Danielle came over today and pointed out that the learning and growing we are doing IS doing something. The universe changes and arranges according to you and for you. The expectation of what I should be doing is a burden to release. Remember what I know and use it to help and heal my self and home and things will grow from there. Healing wounds requires you to acknowledge them. The mirror can't contain what it reflects. My daily journey around the sun is a beautiful poem I share. Thoughts and feelings expressed through action, both large and small, both for myself and others, without doubt or fear.

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