Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The part is repeated in the whole, the whole is repeated in parts. Our life is made up of a number of days, breaths. We can choose to travel to any of those days. We are going supposedly around the sun, yet the sun is moving as well. Wherever you try to divide, the whole manifests. As above so below, there is a universe in every cell. When the infinite becomes finite there can only be infinity.
there's a difference between information, knowledge, and wisdom. The difference is perspective, is it mind body or soul? Everyone has the inner core of purity and surrender. We know we are one, some forget, and are divided and conquered. The true you was there before your parents met. The unity of opposites, the polarities entering oneness, is waiting for you. Go back again. We do not have to buy into a cliche of innocence lost. The drops in the ocean are riding the wave until they crash into the shore.
Pay attention and don't look away. The new and strange can be just as beautiful as scary. Don't panic or give up. Use what I know so I don't repeat the same mistakes. Believe and do good deeds.

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