Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i am a feather softly landed

The wind carries me to and fro. As soon as I'm settled it picks me up again. It may seem haphazard, but it is not. Gazing upon the Beloved is the most sweet separation. Our souls are still echoing the call to the Divine. Some are sleeping deeply, some are stirring, and some have opened their eyes. It is a continuous circle of Creation. Whatever you turn away from follows you and returns. These dense bodies on this earthly plane deceives so many, as is part of the process. Our focus is constantly pulled this way or that. The experience of waking up and learning is both painful and beautiful. The speed and intensity of the inner pull is increasing. The challenge is what do we do once we've awoken? Nothing can compare to being there. When you just react and respond you lose touch with your potential and your purpose.
I think so often of death, yet still fear much of life. Again this comes from the mind and not from love or creativity. What is life and death after all? Those are now meaningless dualities. If I struggle and strive then I will truly be alive. I have come to this place and time to play a role here on this planet and the universe. The struggle can not be denied, delayed, or neglected. Loving or hating the struggle doesn't even matter, for this is a stage one must go through to surpass.

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