Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

early Thanksgiving Day, there was a surge of dark or chaotic energy, and it must always be balanced with harmonic and centering energy, which we seemingly willed. We knew it would be okay in the end but the alchemy and magic necessary came through the chaos. Maybe like a healing from the pain of the genocide. Surrender to what is beyond your control while striving to perfect what is, in a new, true, way, today.
The madness of a lost society! I was able to make a joke to kim about pepper sraying at Wal Mart. I am making some good friends here in the mountains. The mountain girl is finding her tribe. It is a gathering of like minds and kindred spirits and higher vibrations. Danielle came to visit today.We both want to intentionally create and are shifting. I gave her a rose quartz. The weather was perfect. We hung out in the backyard and walked up to the Lodge. I know the neighborhood is great, yet I don't know many neighbors. It was different to tell a newer friend what I thought was possible here, and that I had been the feather softly landed for over a year. This is the 10 wave and they are faster and shorter each time. Time is shorter and faster and more intense.

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