Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Marc Nadia and I went to visit Linda and Mona. The drive wasn't bad at all, I hope we can come again soon. I was so glad to have my family with me there to connect with my friends. It was encouraging that so many like minds were getting togetgher. I thought about what we really have that is ours and what we can make or create and how to unite for solutions and waking up the sheep. I saw how it is all about being centered. The source is the center. We are all in a state of flux, everything is upside down, which allows for great potential. Linda hung out with Nadia for a while, playing cards and the rest of us went outside. Then we all played games and walked around. I got some oils and seeds from Mona and she gave me a tarot reading.
Energy to strength. Look to that fight. Don't get into battles. Truce. Let go of expectations. Ego is the appreciation of what you have.
Libra (sep 23-oct22) change perspective
June 21 celebrate
I am protected
~Later I understood that battle or fight I need to avoid is with Israel and US military. then we can all ascend.