Wednesday, September 11, 2013

black star

implode! the light code. out of nothing. you're in heaven but don't know it, A healing vision rooted like a tree. carbon forms remain yet change, generator.transformed body mind soul operator technology all in harmony elements of energy, the home and family always there for you, you there for yourself. to manifest.your wind opens the pirate starship sails, no anchor but within.  the ocean of heavenly salt clots in the drop. many wombs seeing duality without staying there. the process of seeking gold, god as you. the second sun, raising the oil, . the niche is the cave, you project a new world in ideas. destroy illusion of concepts. see the truth they point to. you are a compass to connect the dots. islands rise and sink.

Friday, September 6, 2013

new moon virgo

experience changes DNA . a virgin birth is hermaphrodite, self perpetual. pleasure without chains, the fainter calling. here i am. Mission statement, Jah sun shine behind the eye.argo is self beside the shadow. shape shift as black ocean what you can where you are with what you have and who you know. service starts with self.slow soft silence helps you speak your truth so others can. throat chakra and heart chakra. two new cool moms in the neighborhood i made friends mom called to vent about dr. vines.
emily is for electromagnetically
like a hidden crystal
wanting to be seen
an old friend with a new face
be connected but not attached
the maiden mary
christ's bride
table spread with heavenly food
 the power to create
virgo rules work
becomes destructive with no vision
saturn in scorpio
hear the nature  spirits wings
the contrast season brings
all you have are  seeds
carry on, Chiron, low and hidden
ran wild  too long
century gone