Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wholeness and balanced vibration

it is thoughts that are not true and feelings that have me, that block real actions from within. we must be silent and still to reach the next phase. The aims we seek require taking control and power back over choices. fighting for dreams. i keep getting the message to let go. I also get tired of going back into the past in my mind to justify where i am now. i won't know what i can do if i give up too soon. i can only go so far in reacting and in listening to other ideas. paying attention to my body and mind and heart, as well as what I do, say, and not do, at home first, and then beyond, the real peace love happiness i want and felt and lived years ago. live it. it is mine to create. some growth, pain, scars, and breaks, are bound to come along the way when I give my all to what I do. Trust that it doesn't have to work out right now for me to do my best anyway. the change in me is so much more immediate than the change in the universe. as above, so below.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Today I posted a controversial photo of a child being taunted by an armed soldier. My friend questioned its authenticity and said I should post only uplifting photos. I deleted him and explained why. Most of my friends agreed with me except Ron Surface. He loves what I post but agrees everything is vibration and I am not creating a higher one with the photo. It made me think all day about what I can create to shine on the darkness. When I criticize, I was as aggravating as the one who criticized me. Listening and responding, and what we can do with our lives, as examples and as free humans, I have not even begun to ponder.
What am I doing with my knowledge? How many people does it take to know something before it can be changed? What problems do I have that I could fix first before taking on bigger ones I may be unable to fix? There's so much I don't know about me, and that is what I can change and that is what the world needs. Someone who has done their own work.