Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The veil is either drawn or pulled back again and again, each time unique. Embrace it and celebrate it now.. The space and time orientation is one graduation before another. Change and growing and letting go and death are key lessons to reap spiritual insights. We have left behind knowing, and are here to remember.  This spot of  Unity allows the experience of duality. Of course there is suffering. Only eternity offers the cure. Look down from up high.Observe how  things forever change to detach you.
 i let out much anger today. Stop grasping hot coals merely out of habit, now there is more room for gratitude. I am open to the dance the stars above are inviting me to. Spread the wings I have in me and always have. Claiming it and holding it feels better than looking the other way. what is hidden will appear.  collapse proceeds expansion. The change will always come, from one direction, then another. As you bend toward the light your lotus blooms.

Friday, September 21, 2012

red to orange

i am here back in the forest  because i am needed
industrious and creative, something to show only i see.
be the change, it has nothing to do with others
many or few, friend or foe, chop wood carry water
inheritance of faith and deeds,
fruits bloom from shit on seeds
 libra kidneys reins
saggitarius hips

i hold back for fear of poverty, overcoming death, how appropriate that today was the fall equinox. time for shukr and harvest or rizq. how could i question Allah when it is He who has given me the ability to ask? I remember not finishing so i have to rush nothing lasts an i have to think and not act, well, no more.opening up and letting go to stand tall and proud is the hardest task right now.  orange is being here with and for others.  make my home cozy by serving Allah, self, and fanily who are as messed up as me. i heal that, don't stop halfway. the point! refining the light, wax out wain in. keep some share some

Monday, September 17, 2012


Live on light and gaze up at the stars. The touch of an angel can open many worlds.How does light touch clay without going straight through it? There must be descension and ascension "to know".   it requires conscious effort to balance in dunya.  Duality is a hermetic principle.
On the cusp change is in motion. When I feel crabby remember the lioness, i may want to be alone but have a nurturing instinct. what a dance! when my roar is angry remember the crab's shell. the turtle is always home, offering a ride  the fruits of self love which is a long slow process of going within. The bear who shares honey without scaring you away.
Today we would have gone on a camping trip to folly but i talked marc out of it. I still really want to do yoga on the beach. Marc took me to Olive Gardens. It rained all day.  we went shopping and food was so expensive!Marcia said Bob might build me a dehydrator! We picked up Nadia from chess and Simara was there too. . I almost have my shrine set up on the island. i grasp hold and let go. the stages of my cycle.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


sufism is proper time management.infinity in an hour. I do look back but it's not for growth. tilts and rotations, with the sun and moon. around the inner kaaba, heart  cave. it's always the same place but you are not the same visitor. the microcosm within is the electricity and macrocosm without is the  magnet.i am attracted and repelled from within toward without, and must harvest  this instead. that is the sideways, fleeing darkness then embracing it for good. to release, wane. detox first

On each timeline a minute just  is, versus a moment you create. I messed up my schedule and missed Friday's yoga class.once again it was hard not to beat myself up. like the tarot, the last to show up. saturday a new guy with a hurdy gurdy talked about the big bang. we are stars in orbit too. be a lamp post rather than a darting star. chose kundalini for my research paper. sunday took a quiz.marc was off all week. got my anatomy book and went to  todd's sandwich shop. then had a picnic at lake tomahawk. lots of butterflies.tomorrow marc starts a new fri-sun 7 am -7pm schedule. marcia is picking up nadia then keeping her overnight.