Thursday, September 13, 2012


sufism is proper time management.infinity in an hour. I do look back but it's not for growth. tilts and rotations, with the sun and moon. around the inner kaaba, heart  cave. it's always the same place but you are not the same visitor. the microcosm within is the electricity and macrocosm without is the  magnet.i am attracted and repelled from within toward without, and must harvest  this instead. that is the sideways, fleeing darkness then embracing it for good. to release, wane. detox first

On each timeline a minute just  is, versus a moment you create. I messed up my schedule and missed Friday's yoga class.once again it was hard not to beat myself up. like the tarot, the last to show up. saturday a new guy with a hurdy gurdy talked about the big bang. we are stars in orbit too. be a lamp post rather than a darting star. chose kundalini for my research paper. sunday took a quiz.marc was off all week. got my anatomy book and went to  todd's sandwich shop. then had a picnic at lake tomahawk. lots of butterflies.tomorrow marc starts a new fri-sun 7 am -7pm schedule. marcia is picking up nadia then keeping her overnight.

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