Thursday, August 23, 2012

wake up

Hey you. the true you. Allah has Purpose, Plan, Intent. He asks us first, intimately, directly. Answer the call. Get up when you fall. it is easy to say. yet that  is laying a foundation.Yes indeed, I will apply what I read.  choose success. do not just exist. Matter is energy in motion. We are created creators. The temple is  the soul-of-man. The beginning is being given to you. Darkness recedes, yet the world sleeps. what's in it for Allah? Our growth and potential, multiplier of blessings, written yet unseen. . Grab hold of His Rope, you will return home , and see. We asked for the knowledge and the experience but forget Allah, which makes us forget ourselves. Remember when all you knew was unity and see it unfold in creation. We don't yet know, but were created to know, through the experience when we were ready. Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment. Light upon light is remembering.
it is all about the action of creation, womb, mercy, birth, purity.Allah knows the secrets of the womb. the home and the family, is a noble battle, and the strongest weapon is love. the myth i tell myself is not how Allah sees it. He has a perfect plan. Do you trust Allah to wake  you up again? if you walk the path of shukr that is how you start the day. activate. participate. 

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