Monday, August 13, 2012


I waited to the last minute to get a cab to yoga. That was a great lesson. I know what procrastination costs.  I missed last semester to push me harder this semester. It cost me $40. That was another lesson. Why fall back on the last resort? many obstacles are in  the mind. being aware of the mind's illusions and letting them go to yoke with your true self is yoga. the 8 fold path. A new word I learned there is kula, community. We could hear the Sourwood Festival outside, then a huge storm hit. A girl named Christine drove me home. She does a lot of yoga and has a son.
The next day we talked about injuries and yoga styles. Martia said to talk to Brad about tegretol. Marc and Nadia met me for lunch and i got pants at sourwood. Sunday we worked on alignment and shared lunch.  We started anatomy and physiology. after class brad told me some nerve endings were not formed and take minerals. The greatest part is returning to my body and teaching it. To be fully in it and love it. The red lotus opening

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