Thursday, August 16, 2012

scooby doo van

yesterday i replied to a post on homesteading and survival of a soldier planting seeds with american soil in iraq, and said if he missed his soil go awol. the page owner called me names and i made a new friend out of it that also likes yoga. people are hypnotized by camouflage.  survival. threats, fear of death, hidden in plain sight my issue is i know my power and choose my reality. put my power in the right place so it effects change. Granny and Papa bought some land and it became Tall Trees. infinite potential and blessings. I guess now it's mostly between Marcia and Tom.
the world i want to create in my family and home and all of me into something that grows, really settling in black mountain. i have the information and knowledge , the grammar and logic, but i do not connect when i share ugly truth, it is conftontational, as compared to clinging to a friend in the past, which i miss. the warmth and inspiration is lacking
vivian saved 4 kittens Xel orphaned on the roof.  tiger  got kicked out for being mean to them. today we hung out with daniel and went to cracker barrell. it was nadia's first day in 3rd and she got the teacher she wanted. then evan and his dad dropped off the scooby doo van in our driveway. my favorite part is the signatures on the walls. marc chose my green candle to put in it. we may solarize it and put an oven and shower in it and have guitar classes in it.

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