Thursday, November 20, 2008


had an old blog, deleted it, starting over. I was born in rural NC, with hydrocephalus, and had a shunt put in during my first month. a few months later it malfunctioned and so I had a second shunt surgery. I developed epilepsy during the process. Since then, no surgeries needed. I moved to CA with my mom at age 16 due to her reuniting and falling back in love with her high school sweet heart. There I met Ihsan, a Muslim, and started a relationship with him. I learned about Islam thru seeing his parents pray. His parents were against our relationship being that I was an American convert and had health issues. It was that year that I had a seizure out of the blue and had to start meds. My parents and I moved to TN but I wanted to come back to CA to marry Ihsan. I came back and fought for 2 years to make it happen but it never did. I married an Indonesian man I met thru a mutual friend. We barely knew eachother and our friend suggested we marry quickly which we naively followed. I've had 6 seizures in 6 yrs since then. We had a premie girl in 03. Now I'm studying for a degree in Nutrition and trying to convince him to relocate to NC. that's about it for the intro.