Tuesday, October 22, 2013

mercury retrograde has come and gone

God is your thought becoming speech. hold it closely before release. Cyndi didn't like being deleted so i blocked her. .hidden in plain view. It hits Close to home. this was the last time i came to yoga class a year ago.
tehuti, djehuty, thoth, baboon, changes are internal first. move forward while looking back. the retrograde is 3 weeks and sets off a 6 month cycle.SHTF = shift jaSun says one thing at a time. hermes the messenger, ruled by gem twins. review, speak clearly. pay  day and sensitivity training. changing into a gown, a chair is still mobility, the mind body connection. in scorpio, death.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

em power

infj inverted. empath amythest comforts and empowers A mystery is a forgotten memory awaiting your recall. a thought is not a presence. i cried holy water twice today. went to mona's in between. full moon eclipse in aries, i am. self love self worth. aries is the first house, aries is the ram. aryan are first peoples. the sun in libra balancing self and relationships. i have never felt so tested.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

fall or fly

follow flow fold, building ages and stages, life goes on and on. Both in Libra, from jupiter to saturn. accept what is and your role in it. awareness and focus are different tools. i am so air (speech) and water (ride the wave)  i can balance with earth and fire. siamese dream. pisces is the psychollgist, aquarius is the scientist.both observe worlds. the full moon is a lunar eclipse. the end of the externalization of control and authority. we travel the globe as our cross. with sun and moon as inner guides

Thursday, October 3, 2013

new moon libra

harmonious relationships require the right flavors of sugar and spice. . sun earth moon electromagnetism, the old is new when roots reach. keep it moving attention. intention. beginnings, balance, one week working at mountain ridge health and rehab. laundry is earlier and easier but i mostly do house keeping. it couldn't be closer and it was the first place i applied to. got paid and hung out with mona. 29 dew waite dream details