Thursday, July 25, 2013


star gazer star chaser
 the sky's ocean opens wide at night.
what you see is shaped by the eye
the 3 veils hide one light.
 the mother being steadfast is seeing solidity n
interlaced and interfaced with change.
ebb and flow and spinning in a dance
the stillness comes from within the cave.
let go and touch all points.
 through firepower the king rules the shore.prana
and through the waters flow the shore rules the king. shakti.
a day out of time between signs,
stop spinning, worlds combine.
what treasures have washed up? what secrets buried?
being still and quiet and calm is required.
it is the only way for the truth to show itself to you.
Your life is made of only what you think feel and share.
A lioness guards the gate, few may enter

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Leo/Aquarius is coming.Shine my light on my crystal path and we'll all meet. be still and love myself. i need courage and bravery to protect my beautiful home and family. which is my inner and outer worlds making new ones. i need an open heart to make a difference. which can not protect itself and others at the same time. mama lion.
Yesterday marc got me cheesecake and we watched seven. Traveling Treasures we are.. it's the infinite loop.look and see and know and remember everything around as a song poem play.i am the rain maker and climb the rainbow. see the darkness and use alchemy to make light. find other lights to interconnect. it is all from the unseen. my mom called. we said we must meet on a sunday. and marcia called. the birthday blessings were like the flowers on our tomato plants

 this morning i woke up from a dream with marcia. in the waking world a bracelet she gave me broke.  we went to mona's.louise stalled at first and it started to rain for a minute.  jamie and vivian gave me some garnet. in 7 more days nadia goes to Indonesia.

Monday, July 15, 2013

mars falls in cancer

last night marc was throwing up and shitting. we tried to go to the doctor but the car didn't start. rosemary towed louise to the repair shop, and tomorow john is giving marc a ride til hopefully thursday when marc gets paid.
i only heard a little bit of outside the box, they were talking about how the numbers are like a sign to stay on that track. it made me feel more empowered to seek my own white rabbit. then malika posted something about a march for trayvon, and i told her i thought staying home with your families is better, she brought up white priveledge and i deleted her. sometimes you sit with anger and transmute it, sometimees you remove it. choice is power, stay plugged into your own.
the outlook i want and insight i seek in life is to see its temporary beauty and add to it and pass it on. taking it so seriously and not laughing or singing and not making my own song is no way to live. i can look outside at things that matter that i want to change, and will never be content. we watched manchurian candidate and he fell asleep.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


after Marduk fell
we walked the battleground of earth
mans body mind and soul
armor of which he can master
i am not just here to survive.
through attention and focus
patience and steadfastness
 that is surface life.orbit steer the ship. i won't just absorb whatever comes my way without transmuting it. my voice speaks loud. i started writing and creating and expressing as a loner with a small group of friends when i went to highschool. full circle. like a shooting star it was my mom's highschool memories that took us a different way
the way that the freemasons of kemet went to hollywood.will not fade away. sijjils, scripts, spells so did i
character script roleplay words of thoughts and ideas expressed across  seas. only now i have to apply the knowledge i gained from experience only i can take that step with my own two feet
away from home and family, many branches one tree

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

rain maker

know your magic. we're in cancer. hidden forces. moonroom. fathoms, chatrter, captain, compass, crew, grand water trine, what is home and family to me? going moving along start to finish to sustain after we're gone. intention to create a space to allow magic. an open heart that i made shine by cocreating in love without expectations. for that moment. conscious creative change is life fueled by the netherworld. unseen causes, intuitive trust in the good

. nadia went with her dad for the summer today. mercury retrograde communication hack, slow down don't start anything new, be open to questions, say yes before no., review brings new info
jupiter in cancer expression in the home
black moon lilith anger. it sucks hearing him talk through her, now it is all about listening and allowing and showing, grand water trine release resolve relinquish.

marc took the day off to do errands.  i was in such a grumpy mood and marc was not having it.  a snickers bar helped.   i will have to learn where i can hold fast to my truth while still being open and connected.afterwards we hung outwith danile and christine ate nachos  watched movies played gu  itar. planned a double birthday party. . i could tell marc was getting a bug and then it kept me up alll night so i woke up early in hopes to catch a nap later. a nice rain came. the illness and the rain have both stuck around.