Thursday, July 25, 2013


star gazer star chaser
 the sky's ocean opens wide at night.
what you see is shaped by the eye
the 3 veils hide one light.
 the mother being steadfast is seeing solidity n
interlaced and interfaced with change.
ebb and flow and spinning in a dance
the stillness comes from within the cave.
let go and touch all points.
 through firepower the king rules the shore.prana
and through the waters flow the shore rules the king. shakti.
a day out of time between signs,
stop spinning, worlds combine.
what treasures have washed up? what secrets buried?
being still and quiet and calm is required.
it is the only way for the truth to show itself to you.
Your life is made of only what you think feel and share.
A lioness guards the gate, few may enter

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