Sunday, July 21, 2013


Leo/Aquarius is coming.Shine my light on my crystal path and we'll all meet. be still and love myself. i need courage and bravery to protect my beautiful home and family. which is my inner and outer worlds making new ones. i need an open heart to make a difference. which can not protect itself and others at the same time. mama lion.
Yesterday marc got me cheesecake and we watched seven. Traveling Treasures we are.. it's the infinite loop.look and see and know and remember everything around as a song poem play.i am the rain maker and climb the rainbow. see the darkness and use alchemy to make light. find other lights to interconnect. it is all from the unseen. my mom called. we said we must meet on a sunday. and marcia called. the birthday blessings were like the flowers on our tomato plants

 this morning i woke up from a dream with marcia. in the waking world a bracelet she gave me broke.  we went to mona's.louise stalled at first and it started to rain for a minute.  jamie and vivian gave me some garnet. in 7 more days nadia goes to Indonesia.

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