Saturday, July 6, 2013


after Marduk fell
we walked the battleground of earth
mans body mind and soul
armor of which he can master
i am not just here to survive.
through attention and focus
patience and steadfastness
 that is surface life.orbit steer the ship. i won't just absorb whatever comes my way without transmuting it. my voice speaks loud. i started writing and creating and expressing as a loner with a small group of friends when i went to highschool. full circle. like a shooting star it was my mom's highschool memories that took us a different way
the way that the freemasons of kemet went to hollywood.will not fade away. sijjils, scripts, spells so did i
character script roleplay words of thoughts and ideas expressed across  seas. only now i have to apply the knowledge i gained from experience only i can take that step with my own two feet
away from home and family, many branches one tree

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