Monday, May 27, 2013


It wasn't because they should get the day off, it was due to slow business, before 4 day workweeks and car troubles.. We had a long weekend and took a trip to the lake, it was higher than usual.Matt was about to get serious with a woman. nadia had fun with some other girls. I had no idea sylvia's daughter was getting married and her dad was there being a jerk.i had a good talk with sylvia. dfferent things matter to different people, and boy when you take responsibility do things change. what are you doing and why? for whom? with whom?
what seeds are you planting and what fruit will you harvest? we are all connected. parts of each other. marc found mike and elaine. we were with our ancestors and we are them. we are deigned for perpetual existence. the ka and the ba. the ankh folds back in on itself perpetually. egypt kemet is the underworld afterlife

Friday, May 24, 2013

full moon lunar eclipse gem/sag

gems full of suggestions and sag won't listen to suggestions, shadows exposed. anything buried comes back up.the cycle goes on. so don't get stuck to one. putting responsibility on self and divine, not appearances in the world game. sincerity is clarity amd relaxxation. put yourself out there.tie up loose ends to conserve chi, close all exits. making a new world now. what do you value, don't be too serious. i don't have to be heard (herd) or understood. i can have a storm and share the rainbow bridge. whatever the situation time place people i make the perfumed wings in me spread out and share it.
harvest, culling, pulling, judgement. ,internal compass required to measure values .what do you live and die for, what do you make with what you have? what do you give and keep? it's so much bigger than you, and you have so much work to do and potential to do it, if you can escape distractions.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

where is horus?

false light blinds you from outside. you are  the sun and its orbiting planets. pranayama and asana is God realization and cocreation. . the kula graduated. degrees, of a circle, burns, masonic orders,temperature, intensity.
 i can at least commit 10 min. to ritual. using what i know to serve others. we met jeremy's mom and chris at the fund raiser for omari. chiron in taurus 8th house wounded healer the bull womb charges create stability and beauty so be patient.humane.  thursday the cave, missing girls found.
 nunnehei nature spirits. bee haven, campsites. breakfast and lunch served..

left and right bridge. wheels wings rings sings trivium and quadrivium information knowledge wisdom. chase fire east to west writing for eagles nest and nunnehi homestead. wind fox herbals village herbals jude's greeting cards UU in Brevard and elijah mountain.