Monday, May 27, 2013


It wasn't because they should get the day off, it was due to slow business, before 4 day workweeks and car troubles.. We had a long weekend and took a trip to the lake, it was higher than usual.Matt was about to get serious with a woman. nadia had fun with some other girls. I had no idea sylvia's daughter was getting married and her dad was there being a jerk.i had a good talk with sylvia. dfferent things matter to different people, and boy when you take responsibility do things change. what are you doing and why? for whom? with whom?
what seeds are you planting and what fruit will you harvest? we are all connected. parts of each other. marc found mike and elaine. we were with our ancestors and we are them. we are deigned for perpetual existence. the ka and the ba. the ankh folds back in on itself perpetually. egypt kemet is the underworld afterlife

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