Sunday, June 9, 2013

vines climb

nurture the womb. everywhere yuo are present is home. temporary temple. we chase the sun as its spiraling. all life is family. we have planted seeds not knowing which will yield later.leave trails without a care who follows. We can not claim that what we expect is the best that could be.
Mark Lola and Barbara came to see Dr Vines and Rob. 16 years had passed since i saw them. Melissa is married. Both Vines girls are joining the navy. We went to Bulling Creek and grilled. It rained off and on.they made me grateful for my path.
On the way home Our car broke down on the bridge across from home and some locals gave us a ride. Marc stayed with Jon and Brandy for 3 days so he had a ride to work then we rented a car. marc told me brandy has cancer. We should have a car tomorrow if it passes inspection. Daniel came over.

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