Wednesday, June 12, 2013

butterfly moments

the tree of life just happens as we cocreate. it all starts with the thought seed. it was hidden for a long time. no one can see the inspiration but they see the efffects. everything we thought we knew is out the door., gate, travel. it is all for growth. our wings unfolding, dna activating. we are not in control but affect things. we are watching it unfold, a process so beyond us we observe up close,
caterpillar eats til its overloaded. so should i. to coccoon to butterfly. never ending life. the thunderbird is up and running. named louise. marc said he wants to look at the mountains while i drive. 7 sisters. mona gave us some myrhh and some astrology notes.
 we are in the web and net. we touch one part and all connected are affected.. we look within and see without and vice versa.attractio n and repulsion is  our decision.parasite cleanse.i know that fear is a lie. i know that looking away is futile. i know that we never die but must be pushed to excel. i know that thoughts and feelings can lie and always change/ it was a trip meeting jukebox and squirrel. sunday jams may go on and may rotate.

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